Quantic Dream unveil new title for PS4

Based on a tech-demo the studio released back in 2012, Quantic Dream unveil their new exclusive PlayStation 4 title.

Quantic Dream have unveiled their next title, based on a tech-demo released four years ago.

The studio behind acclaimed titles such as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls announced during Sony’s Paris Games Week, their next project titled “Detroit: Become Human“.

It is based on a tech-demo the studio released back in 2012 and follows an android called Kara who develops artificial consciousness and escapes the laboratory where she is being held and flees into the city of Detroit.

No release window was announced but it will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

In a special video interview, writer-director David Cage insisted that the game would be a “different experience from Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain in many, many ways.”

“The entire game is really built around this idea that the player is the core writer of the experience and that he will tell his own story through his actions,” said Cage.

“So he can have a very, very significant impact on the story and more than the story, on the world itself.”

An announcement trailer is available above as well as the game’s first screenshots, shown below.

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