GTA V lead actor’s photo hints at possible story DLC

A photo on the rapper/actor's Instagram appears to show him dressed in a motion capture suit, seemingly indicating some story DLC for GTA V is coming.

One of the lead actors of Grand Theft Auto V has possibly hinted that a story DLC for the game is currently in development.

Shawn Fonteno, who portrayed Franklin in the critically acclaimed title, posted an image on his Instagram account recently which appeared to show him dressed in a motion capture suit.


A photo posted by I AM WHO I AM (@solo118) on Jun 24, 2015 at 5:21am PDT

Whilst the photo is dark, and it’s hard to make out exactly what Fonteno is wearing, the rapper/actor wrote in the picture’s caption: “Shhhh. Y’all know why I got this suit on,” seeming to suggest that he is currently shooting some new material for GTA V.

A story based DLC for the record-breaking title has long been said to be in development. Previously Rockstar Games said that a story update DLC would be released in 2014 but nothing ever materialised.

And in December 2014, Shawn Fonteno said that story DLC for GTA V was currently in the works.

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