Shenmue III sets a Kickstarter record

Shenmue reaches seven figure targeted funding on Kickstarter in just nine hours, setting a record.

Shenmue III has set a record for raising it’s targeted funds on Kickstarter following it’s profile at E3.

The video campaign about Shenmue featured game creator Yu Suzuki talking about Shenmue III possibilities and his decision to bring the game to Kickstarter to get the game made for the older fans to continue the story of the first two games.

He said Shenmue III will definitely be a continuation of the story from the first two games and not a reboot of the series or a spin-off. He then took to the stage to begin the countdown to Shenmue III being put up on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter, with a goal of $2 million (£1.3m).

Within just hours Shemnue III has reached its target, making it not only the fastest game to raise $1 million on Kickstarter, but also the fastest game to reach $2 million. They achieved this goal in just over nine hours after the Kickstarter campaign begun, and 31 days still remain for extra funding to be donated.

Shenmue is an open world action-adventure RPG that was first published for Dreamcast in 1999 with Shenmue II coming out in 2001 again for Dreamcast and Xbox. Sega originally planned to release Shenmue III but it was delayed due budget issues, poor sales of Shenmue II and creative differences between game creator Yu Suzuki and the Sega management.

It was announced for development at least twice, but both times cancelled as well as a Shenmue Online, which was also canned.

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