Star Wars: Battlefront to be next-gen exclusive

The upcoming Star Wars EA game will skip a release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 and go straight to next-gen consoles.

The upcoming Star War: Battlefront title will be a next-gen exclusive, EA have announced.

When asked by a fan on Twitter what consoles the game would be released for, the official EA account revealed that it would only be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in the 2015 holidays.

It was also revealed by EA that the first gameplay footage would be unveiled during the Star Wars Celebration convention next month in Anaheim, California.

“We could not think of a better or more appropriate place to debut the game officially for the first time than the premier event that celebrates the Star Wars universe and the legions of fans who have fallen in love with it,” EA’s community team wrote on the official website.

Amy Hennig, former writer of the Uncharted series for Naughty Dog, joined the project last year.

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