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First Just Cause 3 trailer released

Square Enix release very first trailer for Avalanche's upcoming third instalment in the action-adventure series.

Square Enix released the very first trailer for the third instalment in the Just Cause series today, showcasing the game’s main protagonist.

The trailer, shown above, looks into the mind’s eye of Rico Rodriguez, the protagonist of Avalanche Studios’ Just Cause 3.

Officially confirmed back in November, Just Cause 3 is set in the Mediterranean island republic of Medici, a land crumbling under the ruthless rule of General Di Ravello.

Taking control of Rico, you must overthrow Di Ravello by any means necessary.

A selection of screenshots were also released, as shown below.

Just Cause 3 will be available in the 2015 holidays for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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