GTA Online Heists coming in early 2015

After waiting for over a year for news on Heist missions for GTA Online, fans rejoice as Rockstar confirm Heists will be available in early 2015.

GTA Online Heists will arrive in early 2015, Rockstar Games confirmed today.

The long-awaited Heists were originally announced back in October 2013 when GTA Online released but little information has since been released.

Today, the controversial studio revealed that they finally had a release window of early 2015 and also released a teaser trailer, shown above.

The heists will feature new gameplay, vehicles, weapons, clothing and so much more.

In a special interview with IGN, Imran Sarwar, GTA Online Producer and Lead Mission Designer, said the reason why it took so long for heists to arrive was because “they just turned out to be a lot more difficult than we originally thought”.

“It took several passes from scratch before we settled on the design we have now,” added Sarwar.

“Prep and set-up missions in Story Mode could be relatively low-key affairs, but with four players and an emphasis on replayability we felt like we needed to make these as diverse and fun as possible.”

“This required a totally new way of testing as we formed into teams and played and replayed a huge range of scenarios in order to make sure the balance and timing of each section felt right.”

In order to play a heist mission, there must be at least 4 players all at rank 12 or above, with one players as the leader of the group. You’ll also have to own a high-end apartment, so to set up the planning board.

Over 20 heist missions will be available, adding around 20 hours of gameplay.

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