HD edition of GTA: San Andreas available from tomorrow

The critically acclaimed GTA: San Andreas will get a HD makeover and is available from October 26th.

A HD edition of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will available from tomorrow, Rockstar Games have revealed.

A fan recently asked on the Rockstar Support website when the Xbox Originals version of San Andreas would be available again after it was removed from Xbox Live. A representative then confirmed that a HD version would be release on Sunday October 26th.

It will feature 720p resolution, enhanced draw distances and achievement support.

They also listed a host of game achievements as well as 11 additional secret achievements to be added.

The studio did however warn fans that ‘Games on Demand’ version of San Andreas would not be compatible with the Xbox Originals version and save files won’t transfer over.

Fans who have bought the Xbox Originals version will still be able to play the version via their download history.

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