New update for GTA Online out now

Rockstar have released a new update for GTA Online featuring new vehicles, outfits, weapons and more.

A new update for GTA Online has been released.

The update, titled The Last Team Standing, includes new weapons, tactical gear, vehicles and all-new Creator features.

Also added are 20 new Last Team Standing jobs across Los Santos and Blaine Country.

Ammunation now stocks both the Heavy Shotgun and the Marksman rifle

Vehicles added include two motorcycles – the Shitzu Hakuchou and the LCC Innovation Chopper – and the Lampadati Furore GT.

New outfits are offered including masks, tops, pants, bulletproof helmets and much more.

With the launch of the Last Team Standing Creator Mode, players can design original GTA Online jobs pitting two teams against each other.

New options include the ability to add Rounds to Captures and Last Team Standing jobs. Rounds can also be added to Rockstar Created Last Team Standing, Captures, and Versus Missions modes.

Weapons can only also be limited to specific models such as Snipers only.

Other small updates have been made and are available to view via Rockstar’s website.

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