Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4

Approaching 1 year since the releases of both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Logan Veen-Strege looks at both consoles and offers advice for finger-biting customers

The one thing people are always asking is which is better, the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4? Well it depends on what your purposes are for. The Xbox One is more for family entertainment while the PS4 is more for enhanced gaming.

The prices of these two game consoles all depend on what kind of package you get with it. All the PS4 packages are all around $349.99-$399.99. The Xbox One has a few more options making it $349.99-$461.97, depending if you get the Xbox One Kinect with it.

The Xbox One is 10% larger than its predecessor, the Xbox 360. The reason the Xbox One increased in size is for a better cooling device to fix the overheating problem that the Xbox 360 had. It is capable of playing all of the generations of Xbox games. The Xbox One also has a similar format of Microsoft Windows 8. The Xbox One also supports Hulu Plus, YouTube, Netflix, etc. Both consoles can play Blu-ray and DVD discs along with supporting 3D Blu-ray discs. The PS4 Is quite a bit smaller then the Xbox One and is 50% more powerful then the Xbox One. Both consoles when playing games have about 30-50 FPS, but the PS4 has a better HD display. The Xbox One has 720p while the PS4 has 1080p display.

The PS4 has a simpler format then the Xbox One in which you can find all the things you need a little bit easier. You can also get the PlayStation TV which will allow you to play games and stream movies on any television set in the house. Unlike the Xbox One, the PS4 has a new feature where the remote has rectangle at the top middle of the controller that acts as a trackpad.

The Xbox One and the PS4 are both overall great game consoles. The PS4 is better for your budget, simple and easy to use, and has a few extra features. The Xbox One is a little more expensive, but has the well known Kinect, will be able to play media via USB, and more reliable long-term.

I hope this article will help people make their decision on which console they will get. Leave comments on which you would prefer now.

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