Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor delayed on Xbox 360, PS3

Warner Bros' upcoming fantasy-action-adventure title has been delayed from October until November.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor has been delayed for current-gen consoles, Warner Bros. announced today.

Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions have been delayed from its original release date of October 3rd to November 18th in America and November 21st in the UK.

The Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC release dates of September 30th in America and October 3rd in the UK remain unaffected.

No reason was provided for the delay.

Set in Middle-earth, you play as Talion, a valiant ranger who, moments before his own death, witnesses his family slain the night Sauron and his army return to Mordor. Resurrected by a revenge, whilst learning about the spirit that compels him and the rings of power.

Written by Red Dead Redemption co-writer Christian Cantamessa, it will feature Troy Baker as Talion, Alastair Duncan as Celebrimbor, Nolan North as Black Hand, Laura Bailey as Ioreth, and Liam O’Brien as Gollum.

It is developed by Monolith Productions in collaboration with Middle-earth Enterprises, Peter Jackson, and artists from Weta Workshop, who worked on the Academy Award winning trilogy adaptation of Lord of the Rings.

Season Pass details were recently unveiled, including new story missions.

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