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Hideo Kojima: Silents Hills will make you "s**t your pants"

Hideo Kojima insists that the new Silent Hills game in development will make you "s**t your pants" instead of peeing.

The new Silent Hills game will make you “s**t your pants”, Hideo Kojima has said.

Unveiled yesterday, Hideo Kojima and filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro will be working together on a new installment in the Silent Hill series, with The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus staring.

Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear Solid series, briefly talked about the title in a press conference during Gamescom for Metal Gear Solid V.

“We originally wanted you to pee your pants,” he said (via Eurogamer). “Now we want you to s**t your pants.”

He confirmed that Kojima Productions would be developing the title.

The Playable Teaser Demo is currently available via the PlayStation Store and sees players trying to escape a dark apartment.

A video of the Demo is available via this YouTube channel for those unable to play.

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