First gameplay trailer for Dead Island 2 released

Deep Silver releases first gameplay trailer for its California set sequel, Dead Island 2.

The first gameplay trailer for Dead Island 2 has been released.

The trailer, shown above, shows bloody mayhem being brought to the sunny realms of California, where the sequel is set.

Announced during E3 back in June, the zombie-apocalypse title takes place following the events of the original Dead Rising. Now a restricted zone, California has become a bloody paradise for those who refuse to leave their homes and an action-packed playground for renegades.

It will feature never-before-seen handcrafted weapons and combines the elements of Dead Island’s close combat, action and role-playing.

Up to 8 players can co-operate together or compete against each other in the game’s multiplayer mode.

Developed by Yager, it will be out in Spring 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

A selection of screenshots were also released, as shown below.

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