BioShock coming to mobile devices this summer

Irrational Games' original 2007 title BioShock will be coming to mobile devices this summer.

BioShock is to launch on the App Store this summer, it was announced today.

Havok will be leading the project, which will see Irrational Games’ 2007 original BioShock title available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

“It’s a true testament to the power and breadth of Havok Physics and Havok Animation Studio that these technologies have seamlessly from a AAA console title to an amazing mobile experience,” said Brian Waddle, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Havok.

“Just as BioShock redefined the scope of what a game could and should be, the 2K Games team has proven that mobile devices can go beyond simple apps and offer a wholly mature and complete gaming experience akin to those seen on high end gaming platforms.”

Set in 1960, BioShock follows Jack, a lone survivor of a plane crash, as he discovers an abandoned underwater city only to find out the mystery behind its creation is much more sinister that first thought.

The title was critically acclaimed worldwide and won numerous awards for Game of the Year and has sold over 4 million copies.

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