Mobile edition of Batman: Arkham Origins now available

A mobile edition for Warner Bros. 2013 title Batman: Arkham Origins is currently available with benefits for console owners.

A mobile edition of Batman: Arkham Origins is now available, Warner Bros announced yesterday.

The title is currently available for mobile devices via the Google Play and will be released on the Amazon Appstore for Android “soon”.

Developed for iPad, iPhone, iPod by NetherRealm Studios, Arkham Origins feature enhanced graphics, swipe gameplay, and allows players to face Gotham City’s darkest villains.

Players can also continuously upgrade their character, earn in-game currency, and unlock unique Batsuits and rewards.

Owners of the console edition of Arkham Origins will also be entitled to in-game benefits through a connected digital ecosystem between the mobile edition and console edition.

Those who own both will be able to unlock unique content for their console editions by completing different actions in the mobile edition and vice versa.

Players must hold a current Warner Bros ID account or register for one.

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