World largest video game collection fetches over $700,000 in online auction

Featuring over 11,000 titles, the Guinness World Record holder for the world's largest video game collection has sold the lot for 6 figures.

The world’s largest video game collection has sold for over $700,000.

Featuring over 11,000 titles, ranging from classic consoles titles to current-gen titles, the collection was sold for exactly $750,250 via an online auction on Game Gavel.

Michael Thomasson, a 43-year-old teacher and historian from Buffalo, New York, broke the Guinness World Record back in January for owning a staggering 10,607 video game titles, estimated to be worth $700,000.

Since breaking the record he had bumped his collection to over 11,000 titles.

He began collecting when he was 12-years-old but sold his collection in 1989 and again in 1998 before starting collecting again, running on a yearly budget of $3000 and purchasing 2 games per day.

Featured on numerous TV shows, newspapers and websites, Thomasson decided to sell his entire collection again, along with the Guinness World Record certificate and a lifetime subscription to Retro magazine, due to some personal family expenses.

The auction opened on June 4th and closed Sunday night with a total of 56 bids.

“I’ve sold my collection many times in the past and still managed to capture Guinness’ attention, and it is entirely possible that I may again,” Thomasson hinted.

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