If The Last Guardian gets cancelled "we'll say so", says Sony executive.

Sony Worldwide Studios head promises to keep fans updated on The Last Guardian following cancellation reports

The head of Sony Worldwide Studios has assured The Last Guardian fans that the game is still in development.

Over the weekend, a report surfaced on IGN’s Russia website and seemed to confirm that the PS3-exclusive title had been cancelled.

Citing a source, it claimed the game was cancelled following an internal Sony meeting.

However, Scott Rohde, an executive of Sony Worldwide Studios, laughed off the report, tweeting in reply to IGN Senior Editor, Colin Moriarty: “And I laughed at this rumour over dinner. The Last Guardian has NOT been cancelled.”

IGN later removed the article and published an apology.

Now, during an interview with Polygon, Shuhei Yoshida, head of Worldwide, assured fans that the title wasn’t cancelled and if it was, they would say so.

“[The Last Guardian] exsits. The team is working hard on it,” he said. “I was heatbroken when some article came out on some major site saying it was cancelled.

“I will say this: When we cancel a title and it is something we have announced already, we’ll say so. It’s a highly anticipated title, we have to do so.”

Developed by Team ICO, the game follows a young boy and Trico, a giant creature, who work together to evade the pursuing guards trying to catch them both.

Originally announced in 2009 as a PS3 exclusive, the title has experienced several delays.

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