Little Big Planet 3 to feature three new characters

Sackboy will be joined by three new characters when Little Big Planet 3 hits the PS4 this November.

Little Big Planet 3 was unveiled Monday during Sony’s E3 conference.

During the conference, a demo was played before the crowd and revealed new characters OddSock, Swoop and Toggle would be included in the title, set for release on PlayStation 4 in November.

All three characters will be playable and fully customizable. Each character also have their own unique set of skills.

Oddsock is able to bounce up and over walls, Swoop is able to fly, and Toggle has the ability to grow from small to big.

Players will follow Sackboy as he travels to a planet called Bunkum. Whilst there, he uncovers unexplored corners of the “Imagisphere” and must rescue Bunkum from Newton, an evil ruler.

All-new creation tools will be available as well, enabling User Generated Content that fans from around the world can explore.

Over 8.5 million levels have already been created in the entire Little Big Planet series.

Several screenshots are available below as well as the E3 trailer, shown above.

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