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New title in Mario vs. Donkey King series coming to Wii U

A new entry in the series will be released in 2015 for the Wii U.

A new Mario vs. Donkey Kong title will launch on the Wii U next year.

Nintendo revealed during E3 yesterday that a new entry will be released in 2015 and “takes full advantage of the touch screen on the GamePad controller”.

It will feature 80 challenging puzzles and also a “near-limitless” puzzle-creation mode, which can be shared with other players via the Miiverse.

Other players can vote of each creation for its creativity and challenging puzzles.

Stars can be earned to unlock new creation tools or “tip” other players online to create more levels.

Some screenshots are available below as well as a trailer, shown above.

WiiU_MARIOvsDK_scrn03_E3 WiiU_MARIOvsDK_scrn04_E3 WiiU_MARIOvsDK_scrn05_E3 WiiU_MARIOvsDK_scrn06_E3 WiiU_MARIOvsDK_scrn07_E3 WiiU_MARIOvsDK_scrn08_E3 WiiU_MARIOvsDK_scrn09_E3

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