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Sonic Jump Fever announced for the summer

Free to download this summer for mobile devices, Sonic Jump Fever is based on the 2005 Sonic Jump.

Sonic Jump Fever, a new mobile exclusive title, has been announced by SEGA.

The title will be a free download for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices this coming summer.

Based on the 2005 Sonic Jump game, Fever “takes the genre in a new direction”.

Players will compete for high scores in a series of jumping challenges by showing off combo moves, quickly deploying boosters, upgrades, and unique character abilities.

Quickly earning points will unlock Fever Mode, which puts players into a hyper-speed for higher scores.

Twice a week, playable levels will automatically move up to the next zone so each time scores get reset and players have a new chance to battle friends.

Hardlight, SEGA’s internal mobile studio, is developing the title.

A trailer was also released, as shown above, and some screenshots, shown below.




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