EA Sports PGA Tour coming to next-gen in Spring 2015

Featuring a brand new fantasy course mode, EA Sports PGA Tour will be available for next-gen consoles.

EA yesterday revealed EA Sports’ PGA Tour for Spring 2015.

During their conference at E3, Electronic Arts announced their golf title would be released next year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Featuring the power of Frostbite 3 engine, PGA Tour will “open up the golf experience like never before”.

Featuring famous golf courses from around the world, it will also feature a brand new fantasy mode featuring boats, planes and extreme courses.

There will also be no loading times once you begin a round of golf.

“The technology driving EA Sports PGA Tour opens up so many new opportunities,” said Denise Humphreys, Senior Director of Partnerships.

“Two of our favorite new features are the ability to play from hole to hole with no load time, plus having views of the entire course, allowing the gamer a more real-world experience.”

Several screenshots were also released, shown below, as well as a trailer, shown above.

It is to be developed by Orlando, Florida based EA Tiburon.

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