Next Hitman title won't be at E3, new concept art released

The next instalment in the Hitman series won't be showcased at E3 but a new concept art has been unveiled.

Io-Interactive today have ruled out that their new Hitman title will be at E3 this year.

The studio, developers of the stealth series, said in a post on their official website that the next instalment won’t be at the June convention and will be “under wraps for a bit longer”.

“We’re focusing all our time and efforts into creating the best possible Hitman game,” read the statement.

“That’s our number one priority and we don’t want to divert valuable resources to show something before it’s ready.”

Despite the game not being ready for E3, the studio did release the first concept art for the title, as shown above.

The building in the picture, set in Central Europe, will be fully explorable and is larger than any location in the previous instalment of the series, Hitman: Absolution.

Unveiled back in January, the new Hitman title will see Agent 47, the protagonist of the series, travelling across the world with his long-term handler Diana Burnwood and ICA.

It will also feature the largest levels seen in the series and an open, non-linear level design approach.

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