Take Two: Rockstar have something for next-gen before March 2015

Rockstar Games have something in store for next-gen consoles before the end of Take-Two's fiscal year 2015, the company have revealed.

Rockstar Games have something in store for this fiscal year, Take-Two Interactive have revealed.

In an earnings call yesterday Take-Two Chairman & CEO Strauss Zelnick said that the studio behind Grand Theft Auto V is currently working on something for next-gen consoles that will be released before March 31st, 2015, which is when their fiscal year ends.

“We’ve confirmed that [Rockstar] are hard at work on their current line-up,” said Zelnick. “We’re very excited about what they have in store for next-gen systems in this fiscal year.”

Back in January, a report by a research firm claimed that a sequel to Red Dead Redemption could drop sometime in 2014.

The report also claimed that a next-gen port of the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto V could also be released.

A sequel to the 2006 acclaimed Bully has also long been rumoured to be in production.

Back in November 2011, shortly after GTA V was announced, Rockstar co-founder and Vice President of Creativity, Dan Houser, told Gamasutra that after Max Payne 3 was completed the company would look into a potential sequel to the title.

Agent, a stealth title also in production at Rockstar, was announced back in 2007 as an exclusive for PlayStation 3 but little has been announced since. In May 2011 Take-Two confirmed the title was still in production.

In July 2013, Rockstar renewed the Bully and Agent trademarks.

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