Kevin Spacey to star in new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Activision has unveiled the next instalment in the Call of Duty series, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which is out in November.

Top Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey is to star in the new instalment to the Call of Duty series, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

A trailer released late yesterday, shown above, shows the Academy Award winner Spacey will be staring in a villain role for the next instalment of the action-shooter from Sledgehammer Games and Activision.

Spacey voices-over and appears in the trailer as an unknown character.

In the description of the video, Activision wrote: “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare envisions battlegrounds of the future, where both technology and tactic have evolved to usher in a new era of combat for the franchise.”

The trailer also revealed that the game will be released on November 4th and appears to be set in the future.

More information is to be announced this Sunday whilst Game Informer has the first screenshot as well as an upcoming cover piece on the title.

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