Google Software Engineer seeks donators for retro games console

A software engineer looks for $80,000 to help produce his retro games console for budding developers.

A Software Engineer is aiming to produce a retro games console for game developers to create their own games.

Simon Que, a Silicon Valley engineer employed by Google, is seeking backers via Kickstarter to enable him to have the console, called DuinoCube, produced by a factory.

“DuinoCube gives you everything you want in a basic game console, without the hassle of having too much,” says Que in a press release. “It’s like programming on a simple computer. Anyone who knows C++ can do it.”

DuinoCube, which was built by Que during his college years, will “boast a level of  performance that matches the most advanced commercial 2D game consoles” and offers a number of advantages for budding developers.

For ease of writing programs to access hardware, the console will not have an operating system and features device interfaces such as VGA, USB, and SD card.

A 2D graphics engine on an FPGA chip, running at 60 frames per second in brilliant 18-bit colour is also featured.

“After having written some computer games,” he says, “I wanted a system where you didn’t have to worry about the operating system or graphics cards. It was a self-contained platform like the classic consoles of the late 20th century.”

Donators can contribute to the $80,000 goal via Kickstarter and are encouraged to follow DuinoCube on Twitter, Facebook and their official website.

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