Square Enix: Just Cause 3 domain registration is just "routine"

Square Enix say that the registration of the justcause3game.com domain is just "routine IP management activity".

Square Enix have said that the registration of the Just Cause 3 domain is just “routine”.

It was revealed yesterday that a domain was filed on 22nd April this year by CSC Corporate Domains, Inc – a company that Square Enix, and other studios, use to register domains – for justcause3game.com.

It was unclear whether the registration of the domain meant that a new instalment in the action-adventure was in production or whether it was just routine management of Square Enix property.

We reached out to Square Enix yesterday for comment but our emails went unanswered.

However, the company did respond to EuroGamer and said that the registration was just “routine IP management activity”.

The statement read: “Registering domains for our big franchises is just routine IP management activity.”

In 2012, Square Enix registered domains for Just Cause 4 but no announcements have since been made.

The first Just Cause game launched in 2006 to positive reviews and as of 2009 has sold over 1 million copies, whilst a sequel, Just Cause 2, released 4 years later also to positive reception.

It has sold over 6 million copies as of September 2013.

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