Kick Ass 2 video game tie-in to be released in May

Kick Ass 2, a video game tie-in for the movie, will be releasing for PC and consoles in May.

A video game tie-in for the Kick Ass 2 movie was revealed yesterday.

Freedom Factory Studios and UIG Entertainment announced that the game, also titled Kick Ass 2, will be releasing in May for PC and consoles.

It was not confirmed what consoles the action-adventure/beat-em-up title would be releasing on, nor was an official date announced.

The game will feature the two leading cast members from the 2013 movie, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Chloe Grace Moretz as well as Jim Carrey.

Players will be able to use brutal finishing moves and animations straight from the movie and comic book and will also battle the antagonist, known as “The Motherfucker”

The first screenshots were released, as shown below, as well as a teaser trailer, shown above.

kickass2shot1 kickass2shot2 kickass2shot3 kickass2shot4 kickass2shot5 kickass2shot6 kickass2shot7 kickass2shot8 kickass2shot9 kickass2shot10 kickass2shot11 kickass2shot12 kickass2shot13 kickass2shot14

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