Konami announces free PES Manager app

PES Manager, a free tactical football mobile title app from Konami, has been revealed.

Konami has announced a brand new free tactical football mobile title app.

Based on the “World Soccer Collection S” service in Japan, the game, titled PES Manager, will allow players “to choose a player from European clubs and lead them to victory by assembling a strong, well-drilled squad”.

The title will be available via the App Store and Google Play.

In a press release, Konami described the game: “In PES Manager users are initially given 14 players as the basis for their squad, and their individual abilities and strengths are detailed on each player badge.

“Using training sessions to improve their skills, players then face CPU and human-controlled opponents, with each summoning special moves and attacks during the course of a match. The winners are then given special power-up balls, which are used to enhance the abilities of the team.”

Featuring more than 1,500 player badges and authentic player photos, matches in the game will be presented in 3D format.

Konami also said: “[We] will also offer regular users incentives throughout the season, with additional players and tactical cards. Likewise, friends can also share abilities and skills to assist each other, in turn rewarding them for their co-operation.”

The game’s first screenshots were also released, shown below. For more information visit the game’s official website.

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