Saints Row character to appear in DiveKick

Johnny Gat, a character in the Saints Row series, will be appearing in DiveKick.

A character from the Saints Row series will be joining the cast of DiveKick, Iron Galaxy have announced.

Johnny Gat, a main character in the Saints Row series, will be appearing in DiveKick Addition Edition + after a series of tweets lead to Iron Galaxy and Deep Silver Volition, creator of Saints Row, to come to an agreement.

After a fan of both DiveKick and Saints Row had finished the intro to Saints Row IV, he said that, aside from DiveKick, Saints Row was the best thing he had seen this year.

The official DiveKick twitter responded that Saints Row IV “might contain a few DiveKicks of its own. As any game should”. The official Saints Row Twitter then suggested that Johnny Gat should be in DiveKick.

“After several days of us doing nothing, convinced we were being catfished, we began work on getting Johnny Gat in the game,” said Iron Galaxy in a press release.

Johnny Gat comes to the Divekick world complete with his own Story Mode and bag of tricks. Gat will casually dodge traffic, use his Black Hole Launcher, or even call on the support of the famous Dubstep Gun while Divekicking his opponents in the face.”

“Da Beech”, a brand new stage, will be added to the Addition Edition + whilst players who already own the game will get Johnny Gat and Da Beech updates for free on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Players attending PAX East can be among the first to play Johnny Gat for themselves the Iron Galaxy booth #999.

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