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Flappy Bird creator: It will return but not soon

Flappy Bird is to return but not soon, the creator of the game has revealed.

The creator of Flappy Bird has said the popular mobile game will return but not soon.

In February it was announced by the creator, Doug Nguyen, that the game was to be removed after it had gain worldwide popularity with mobile users.

He later further explained that his decision to remove the game from App stores was because of how much attention the game had received and how he “couldn’t take it anymore” and was unable to sleep. The game was later removed.

Now he has revealed that he is planning on putting Flappy Bird back on App stores but he said it won’t be happening soon.

When a fan asked if the game was ever going to return, he replied: “Yes. But not soon.”

We’ve reached out to Doug for further explanation as to why he decided to bring it back – so far, no word back.

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