Titanfall Xbox 360 version delayed for a further 2 weeks

After already being delayed once, Titanfall on Xbox 360 has been delayed for another two weeks.

The Xbox 360 version of Titanfall has been delayed a further two weeks, EA announced today.

Back in February, it was announced that the Xbox 360 version of the upcoming shooter had been delayed to allow developers Bluepoint Games extra time to put the “finishing touches” on the game as well as to “ensure the full world of Xbox gamers has an awesome experience”.

Now, Executive Vice President of EA Studios, Patrick Soderlund confirmed via the EA Blog that the highly anticipated title had again been delayed by two weeks from March 25th to April 8th in the US and April 11th in Europe to allow Bluepoint even more time to put the finishing touches on to the game.

“I’ve been playing the game a lot, and it is fantastic,” he wrote. “But we see a few things that can be made even better, so we’re giving Bluepoint a little more time to do just that and deliver an epic Titanfall experience for Xbox 360 players.”

In Titanfall, players will fight in online multiplayer only matches set on a war-torn planet as mech-style Titans and their pilots.

The game released on Xbox One and PC earlier this month – March 11th – and earned critical acclaim worldwide.

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