Gone Home to be released on consoles

The critically acclaimed PC title, Gone Home, is to be released on consoles in the future, The Fullbright Company announced today.

The Fullbright Company have today revealed that their critically acclaimed PC title, Gone Home, is to be released on consoles.

Released in August 2013, for PC and Mac, Gone Home is set in June 1995 in Pacific Northwest, where you play as Kaitlin Greenbriar. Upon returning from traveling abroad, Kaitlin arrives home to find her entire family gone from their home.

The game released to worldwide critical acclaim for it’s engrossing story and went on to received numerous nominations for Game of the Year and won one for Polygon’s Game of the Year. As of February 7th, it has sold over 250,000 copies.

Now console users will be able to experience the game thanks to Fullbright’s partnership with Midnight City. Exact platforms and a release date will be announced in the coming months.

Writing on Fullbright’s official websiteSteve Gaynor, co-founder of the studio, explained the reasons as to why the company decided to release the game on consoles.

“When we started making Gone Home,” he wrote, “we decided that we were going to launch first only on PC/Mac/Linux, for a lot of good reasons: we wouldn’t need to worry about the technical limitations of last-gen hardware; we wouldn’t need to deal with console certification/submission/age rating/etc.; and we could distribute the game directly, DRM-free as well as through Steam.

“But we always hoped we’d eventually be able to bring the game to consoles– we just didn’t know exactly how we should do it. We’re a very small team and weren’t ready to devote months of development time to doing the ports ourselves, but we also knew that finding the right partner to get the job done right would be a real challenge. Would it be worth it to bring the game to consoles at all?”

He continued: “That’s why we were so glad when we started talking to Casey Lynch at Midnight City, Majesco’s new indie publishing label. Casey’s got a great background in media and PR, and the folks at Midnight City know exactly what an indie needs out of a publisher these days– to take on the role of a service provider that gets all the logistics done to the highest level of quality possible and helps get the word out to a new audience about why they should care about this game, without trying to own the IP or get in the way of the existing relationship we have with our players.

“We weren’t looking for a traditional publisher– and Midnight City is anything but.”

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