5 things to take away from the Titanfall BETA

With the release of one of the most anticipated games of 2014 around the corner, Liam Tobin writes about five things he took away from the Beta version a few weeks ago.

A few weeks ago was the Titanfall Beta and for the most part it ran smoothly and issue-free. So, with the game’s release date creeping up on us, here are the five things that I took away from the Beta ahead of its release.

1. EA need to be prepared

Everyone knows the problems that came with Battlefield 4 when it released on the next gen consoles. Servers never worked, waiting times were horrendous and by the time you got on a server your host would lose connection minutes into a game. Now granted this game is going to be Microsoft Exclusive but that isn’t going to stop the game getting the EA treatment.

With at least a million people playing the game day one on the Xbox One and PC (sorry 360 owners your have to wait a little longer) Microsoft and EA you need to be on it to make sure the servers hold. Also be cautious Xbox One owners as you have a massive patch for the console and the install of the game to do upon release so be prepared to be waiting a while.

2. Respawn may have found the perfect player cap at 6 VS 6

I played this game on both Xbox One and PC and on both I had the same experience that I never felt like I was losing by a staggering amount. Having 6 VS 6 matches with the inclusion of AI team members makes the games always feel very balanced.

So let me explain for anyone that doesn’t know what I’m talking about on each team there are 6 human players known as the “pilots”. Then you have the AI team members known as “spectres” and “grunts” who are basically there to make it easier for you to get your kill count up and get your titan quicker. Now titans I will get to in a second because they don’t turn the tables on the match as much as you think but back to the player cap, having the AI enemies makes for a better experience and makes you feel great about your skills as a player when you kill another human player.

But be warned you can still be killed by the AI enemy. They aren’t no pushovers.

Doing this in the game, never, ever gets old.

3. TITANS! Does it get any better?

Now the first thing that grabbed me when I started playing is just how quickly you can get your titan and you don’t need to kill so many enemies to call your titan but it does make it quicker. What I realised quickly and put my mind at ease is that the games feels so nice and balanced whether your in a titan or on the ground. I killed many titans on the ground and what I found out quickly is they aren’t indestructible monsters like they look like in the trailers.

What I loved most about titans is free running across a wall jumping onto the back of a titan and blowing them to pieces and killing the pilot as he ejects and falls to the ground. It makes for balanced gameplay and a hell of a lot of fun as your free running across building watching titans battle it out below you as you watch your own fall out of the sky, as you jump and it grabs you and places you inside. Playing in titans doesn’t change the gameplay in anyway which I felt was great because you didn’t feel overpowered you just felt like a large ground solider.

 4. Burn Cards are great changes to each game

Now burn cards are things that you earn through playing matches and they can be anything from running faster to having quicker titan drops. But these cards can only be used once because once you die, well, it’s in the name – they fall. Now what I liked about this was that these cards are earned through playing the game rather than micro transactions being the only way to get them.

It makes it feel more balanced and no chance of feeling your be playing against over powered players with burn cards coming out of their eyeballs. But I would recommend only using one burn card per match because they don’t just give you them whenever you want so you have think and use them wisely.

Titanfall brings balanced and exciting gameplay.

5.    Just be March 14 already! it

I haven’t felt like this about a game, especially a first person shooter, for a very long time. Probably since Modern Warfare 2 was released back in 2009. But this game makes me so excited to play it when it comes out because we have only been given the smallest taste of what there is to play in this game.

The thought of having more titan types so I customise it even more in the way that I want then I already can. Having more maps and modes to play will be amazing and makes me more excited to have a fresh look on other terrains and with the rumours of wildlife coming into play as well that’s a great thing to look out for.

But I will say this if you’re a 360 user looking to pick up this game I’d wait and see till March 28th because as we haven’t seen any gameplay of that version, as well as being made by a different company, which makes me worried.

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