Final DLC for The Last of Us to feature new difficulty mode

Naughty Dog have revealed that a new difficulty mode for single player will be released in the final drop of DLC for The Last of Us.

The final drop of DLC for The Last of Us will feature a new difficulty mode, Naughty Dog announced yesterday.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Community Strategist for Naughty Dog, Eric Monacelli, said that the final DLC for the Season Pass will also feature new maps, weapons and skills.

He wrote: “Our final drop in the Season Pass is on its way. It is chock full of multiplayer goodness with new maps, new weapons, new skills, and also a brand new difficulty mode for the single player campaign. We’ll have more information on it as in-game elements near completion.”

He also said in the comments section that new trophies will be available.

Naughty Dog also released a mini-documentary, shown above, about the making of the previous DLC, Left Behind.

The first and only story DLC was released on Valentine’s Day and served as a prequel to the events of The Last of Us, following original co-protagonist Ellie and her best friend Riley as they attend a military boarding school in the Boston quarantine zone. Players follow their adventure through a series of events that changes them both forever.

Earlier this week they also released a feature length documentary about the making of The Last of Us.

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