Arkham Origins DLC release date confirmed, Mr. Freeze to be the focus

Warner Bros. Games have released the first details about the upcoming narrative based DLC, titled Cold, Cold Heart, featuring Mr. Freeze as the focus.

Mr. Freeze will be the focus of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins DLC, Warner Bros. Games confirmed today.

A teaser trailer released today, shown above, also announced the official release date for the DLC, titled Cold, Cold Heart, as April 22nd.

The game follows the origin story of Mr. Freeze and learns how he became one of Batman’s arch nemeses.

Available for purchase on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Marketplace and Steam, the game introduces several hours of new content, will feature iconic Gotham City locations such as Wayne Manor, and gives players access to the powerful Batman Extreme Environment suit including thermal gloves and thermocharged batarangs.

In an special 7 minute interview on DC Entertainment YouTube show, DC All Access, Vice President of Production for Warner Bros. Games, Ames Kirshen, said: “We’re super excited to kind of give fans the origins of this great Batman character.

“It’s like a mini-chapter in the game. If you played and saw Initiation, it was more like a challenge map that had a little narrative wrapped around it. This is actually in-game mission, story content with a brand new story wrapped around Mr. Freeze in the Arkham Origins setting.”

Warner Bros. have previously stated that the Cold, Cold Heart DLC will not be releasing on Wii U due to lesser demand.

The DLC will be available to players who have purchased the Batman: Arkham Origins season pass or can be purchased separately.

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