Rockstar adds Valentine's Day Massacre Special to GTA Online

Rockstar Games will be adding brand new content to GTA Online this Friday to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Rockstar Games will add special Valentine’s Day Massacre content this Friday in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Announcing via their website, the company said that players of GTA Online will see new content added such as new weapons, cars and attires inspired by the 1920’s gangster-era and the infamous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

The extra content will also be available through story mode.

The Gusenberg Sweeper, a new machine, gun will be automatically given through story mode and will be available for purchase through the in-game’s Ammu-Nation. The Albany Roosevelt, an armoured 1920s limousine, will be available via Legendary Motorspot in GTA Online and in any garage property in story mode.

A selection of 1920s attire will be available as well as 10 brand new jobs including Deathmatches, Parachute Jumps and Races.

The content will only be available for a limited time but once purchased you’ll be able to keep them in your inventory.

Rockstar also promised more GTA Online content in the future including an expansion to the Creator tool and Online Heists.

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