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Swedish store advertises pre-orders for GTA V on PC

According to a report by Gamereactor, a chain of Swedish stores are beginning to take pre-orders for GTA V this Friday.

A Swedish chain of stores are accepting pre-orders for the PC version of GTA V despite not being announced as of yet.

According to a report by Gameractor, Elgiganten, which is owned by Dixons Retail UK, will begin taking pre-orders for GTA V on PC this Friday. A manager for one of the stores later confirmed this to Gamereactor.

Rockstar Games have yet to announce the PC version of the phenomenally successful Grand Theft Auto V. The company does not comment on rumours or upcoming video games they have yet to announced.

A PC version has long been rumoured for release ever since GTA V was first announced back in 2011. Since the game’s launch on September 17th, these rumours have intensified with listings for a PC version appearing on two Amazon websites and an analyst for Baird Equity Research, a research firm, recently said a GTA V PC version is expected in 2014.

Patientless PC gamers set up a petition back when the game was first announced for the Xbox 360 and PS3, demanding that Rockstar release a PC version. The pointless petition currently holds over 660,000 signatures.

Rockstar have previously released PC versions of their games several months after the game’s original release, including GTA IV, Max Payne 3 and LA Noire.

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