Sony release opening 3 minutes of The Last of Us: Left Behind

A 3 minute video from the opening of The Last of Us: Left Behind has been released along with a special interview trailer.

Sony have released the opening cutscene from the upcoming Left Behind DLC.

The almost 3 minute video shows Riley, a new character, returning to Ellie after being away for almost two months.

Announced last November, Left Behind is a prequel to the events of The Last of Us and follows original co-protagonist Ellie and her best friend Riley, a new character, as they attend a military boarding school in the Boston quarantine zone. Players follow their adventure through a series of events that changes them both forever.

Ashley Johnson, who won the Spike TV VGX Award for Best Actress, will be returning as Ellie whilst Yanni King will play Riley.

Sony also released an interview trailer, in which Ashley Johnson and Yanni King both explain the special bond between Ellie and Riley. “Riley was her first big friendship, first big relationship. It’s one of the most important things that happens and sort of makes Ellie who she is,” said Ashley.

Yanni also commented, saying: “See it or not, the truth behind them is that they really need each other. There’s a real friendship, they really honestly care about each other. It’s kind of the one relationship that they both can count on.”

Also in the video, Jacob Minkoff, Lead Game Designer at Naughty Dog, promised the DLC will feature “extremely challenging fights”.

“With Left Behind, we wanted to make a single player DLC that was as fully crafted as our main campaign,” he said. “There’s a great deal that we’ve done with the DLC that exceeds the level of, lets say, narrative density that we had in the main campaign.

“[Players] will have some extremely challenging fights, in fact some of those fights will be showcasing some new features that we’ve added to the combat.”

He also revealed a new combat skill called “Multi-faction” which enables human enemies and infected to fight each other.

Further explaining the skill, Anthony Newman, Game Designer at Naughty Dog, said: “The fact that you can play them against each other – you can throw a bottle and have a clicker go kill a guy or bleed infected into an enemy to get them off your back.”

The Last of Us: Left Behind launches on February 24th.

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