Resident Evil 4: Ultimate Edition announced for PC

Resident Evil 4: Ultimate Edition, featuring bonus content and upgraded graphics, will be released for PC users on February 28th.

Capcom have announced that Resident Evil 4: Ultimate Edition is to be released on PC.

The survival-horror, which launched originally in 2005, will be available for download worldwide via Steam and available for retail in Europe on February 28th.

Running at 60 frames per second, Resident Evil 4: Ultimate Edition will be priced at $19.99 and features subtitles in numerous languages and all previously released bonus content. It also features a complete visual overhaul, is fully optimised for widescreen and upgraded characters & environments.

As a special Steam pre-order campaign, players who pre-order the game will have access to a digital soundtrack featuring more than 60 tracks and a digital art book.

Resident Evil 4 follows special agent Leon S. Kennedy as he is sent on a mission to rescue the U.S President’s kidnapped daughter. As he make’s his way through villages in Europe to reach the group of kidnappers, Leon encounters new threats, battling horrific creatures infested by Las Plagas.

Upon release the game was critically acclaimed worldwide, currently one of the best-reviewed games on MetaCritic with a ranking of 96 and was voted as Game of the Year at numerous award shows. The franchise has sold over 60 million units since its launch in 1996 and spawned a movies series grossing over $900 million worldwide.

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