Review: Angry Birds Star Wars (2013)

Whilst there are enjoyable characters and levels for players to enjoy, Angry Birds Star Wars could've benefited from more of both.

In a galaxy that is certainly far far away, awaits an epic adventure with Angry Birds in the Star Wars universe with Jedi and Sith birds once again battling for control over the galaxy. Rovio Entertainment and Lucasfilm combine forces to bring us an all new re-mastered Sci-Fi twist to the challenging puzzle game.

With the classic Angry Birds dressed as our Star Wars heroes and villains, we embark on an epic space endeavour through the Star Wars fantasy. From the blazing deserts of Tatooine to the desolate icy world of Hoth covered with snow. Use the Force and wield your lightsabers through the galaxy and blast your way through the Pigtroopers on an intergalactic journey to the “fully operational battle station Death Star”.

Along the way you’ll meet the bounty hunting Boba Fett in Cloud City and even train with the Jedi Master Yoda at the swamps of Dagobah. So if you’re a fan of Angry Birds and fanatic of the Star Wars Saga. Then put your Angry Birds skills to the test and see if you can become a Jedi Master and bring balance to the force and order to the galaxy once again.

Angry Birds Star Wars will reignite your love for Star Wars

Just like in the original Angry Birds the goal is simple, you hurl your birds at the pigs and use the terrain to your advantage. Again, you can use the explosives boxes to scatter the debris to earn yourself extra vital points. The visual style of the world is presented in the classic Angry Birds style but in the Star Wars theme.

Your characters can span from Han Solo and his blaster to Luke Skywalker with his lightsaber ability that can slice through any wooden or metal boxes. Obi Wan Kenobi and his “Force Push” can thrust any terrain with podracer speed and Chewbacca can smash through anything we launch him to. When your bird’s abilities are matched by Pig Vader and his PigTroopers why not call in the Millennium Falcon. Transformed into the Might Falcon, you launch a probe into the enemy territory and watch the Millennium Falcon devastate the area with the laser-based air strike.

Just like for the phones, iPads and tablets, the controls are brilliantly responsive and accurate. So sling-shooting your birds and watching them soar into enemy defences never gets tiresome. One of the key features is the replay value of perfecting the game by getting 3 stars in every level. So it’s not just a combination of luck and chaos but rather strategy and different tactics.

After years of dominating iOS and Android sales with franchise sells that has spun out of control, beyond our universe to Star Wars and now to current and next generation consoles. Angry Birds certainly does reignite the Star Wars spark by retelling the story of Luke Skywalker and his journey into becoming a Jedi, like his father before him.

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