5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Super Mario 3D World

After 28 years with 6 consoles and with more than 200 titles you would think that Nintendo would run out of ideas for Mario But think again!

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter 28 years with 6 consoles, 7 different Gameboys, 4 different DS’s and with more than 200 titles you would think that Nintendo would run out of ideas for Mario.

But as 2013 comes to an end and a year release to the Wii U, Nintendo still has one or two tricks up Mario’s red sleeve. Mario is one of the most recognisable characters for the past 30 years and it is quite remarkable that even today he can still reach No 1 on the charts. Now with the release of Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U, it seems that no one can ever be bored with the short, pudgy, Italian plumber. Receiving widespread critical acclaim from all around the world, Super Mario 3D World ended Nintendo’s year with high expectation for the Wii U’s second year of release.

This game can be easily summarised as one of the most tremendously enjoyable games out there for the Wii U. Just like its predecessors, Super Mario 3D World has kept its unique heritage charm but adding more flawless structured experience by adding four characters with unique abilities. You can also use plenty of new power ups and items to change the course of a level. Most importantly of all, Super Mario 3D world perfectly hit the mark by changing from a solo game to a multiplayer game, and in doing so turns Mario into a co-operative and competitive game.

Super Mario 3D World is by far one the most favourite Wii U games out now and it certainly is mine. But now let’s skip the mumbojumbo of a long review and get straight to 5 major reasons why you should get yourself a Wii U and grab Super Mario 3D World.

Super Mario 3D World - Shot 1

5. New Power Ups New Fun

From veteran Mario gamers to beginners, everyone knows that the power ups are the key essential part of any Mario based game experience. Mario has come a long way from the three original power ups, Super Mushroom, Fire Flower and Star. As each Mario is released we are given a new power up to play with. Super Mario 3D world has set the bar once again with even more new power ups to play with. Super Bell turns our Italian plumber into a golden Cat Mario, allowing him to climb poles, run faster and perform special ground and air attacks with his claws. The Super Bell also allows Mario to venture to hidden locations by scampering up walls or obstacles that leads to find that hidden third star. Double Cherry clones Mario into multiple Mario’s, so you can actually end up controlling five Mario’s at once.

4. Individual and insanely fun stages

With a wide range of open levels with multiple routes depending on which power up you need or which character you have to play with, each individual stage has its own Mario charm to play and replay. The Wii U may not have the top of the line graphical power but Nintendo sure knows how to bring the 3D world to a beautiful experience. The level stages starts off with fun and games but don’t be fooled by dazzling HD 3D graphics, like most platform games it shows restraint at first. However eventually the later stages become more complex, but don’t worry these complex stages always have a clever and unique idea for the gameplay. From birds eye views, to side scroller and silhouette figures, Super Mario 3D World stages remain exciting and unpredictable.

Super Mario 3D World - Shot 2

3. Family fun and friendship rivalry with multiplayer

As well as being a single player game, Super Mario 3D World is built for four players with returning iconic characters, Mario, Peach, Luigi and Toad. Each character has their own unique abilities with Mario running and jumping height being average. Luigi jumps higher and falls slower but has lower traction, Peach can jump and float in the air for a short time but is the slowest and Toad runs the fastest but can’t jump high and falls much faster. It doesn’t matter who you pick in the end because each level is catered to each individual character. One of the best features for Super Mario World 3D is the multiplayer option. You can work as a team when playing with younger siblings or just cause havoc with friends. Even if you’re the winner, reaching the flagpole first, this may end up making you a moving target for your family or buddies to get their revenge on you.

2.  Uncovering the Secrets Stages and Collecting the Stars and Stamps

Quite often enough speed running is a great method to finishing the stages quickly and trying to hit the end flagpole. However like most Super Mario games they are jam packed with collectibles. Shiny Green Stars are hidden in every stage course and the only way to get to them is with certain power ups and often certain characters. Stamps can also be collected and can be used on the Miiverse so you can show off how awesome you are to other players. So don’t think you can be Mario and breeze through each stage and grab yourself all three stars in one go.

1. The Amazing Adventures of Captain Toad

The Adventures of Captain Toad is a series of mini game courses in the Super Mario 3D World. Our little adventurer Captain Toad has to go through a puzzle based stage and collect the Green Stars around the world. However Toad cannot jump, defend himself or do anything else apart from walk at a normal speed. What makes this the number one reason to buy Super Mario 3D world is the two dimensional platform game set in a three dimensional world. Just like the Indie puzzle platform game Fez, it is a 2D game set in a 3D world and the only way to advance further into the stage is to actually move the world around. In these stages, players have full 3D control over the camera and the stage designs show a great deal of puzzle creativity from Nintendo. The Adventures of Captain Toad is certainly a compelling and fun little game. I really do hope they spin this mini-game into a full feature game of its own.

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