Former Just Cause developers announce new PC game

Former Just Cause developers have announced that they are to release a multiplayer online battle arena game in 2014 entitled "Deadbreed".

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] group of former developers for the action-adventure Just Cause series have announce their own PC game.

The developers, based in Sweden, announced via a press release that the group have created a new Multiplayer Online Battle Arena – MOBA – game titled “Deadbreed” and is set for release in 2014.

The PC game blends a fast paced MOBA along with RPG features where two 3 player teams battle each other. According to the Deadbreed website, the game will feature customisable maps, player rankings, special abilities and customisable players, amongst others.

“I wanted to play a MOBA where I could totally customize how my hero looked and, more importantly played, but I couldn’t find one,” explains Stefan Ljungqvist, developer at the Stockholm based studio.

“Talking to friends, I realized I wasn’t the only one wanting this, so we decided to make it. Also, this was our chance to make a darker themed MOBA for hardcore gamers like ourselves and bring in some additional RPG gameplay features.” The response from Deadbreed’s weeks old Steam Greenlight campaign and community feedback indicate that many gamers seem to agree.

“After a decade of making triple A action console games, it feels good to return to your roots,” continues Stefan, “It feels great to make monsters again!”

Deadbreed is currently accepting signups for its upcoming closed Beta and is available to vote for via Steam Greenlight.

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