Hackers gifting substantial amounts of money in GTA Online

Hackers are handing out up to nine figure payouts to other GTA Online players, according reports from honest gamers.

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ackers are gifting GTA Online players with substantial amounts of money thanks to a glitch, according to honest players.

GTA Online gamers have been reporting numerous occasions where they are being gifted at least nine figure sums of money. One player writing on Rockstar’s support page noted that he has received money from hackers on five different occasions. He reported being given $61,950,004 and then a further $100,668,496 by a player called “xGTA_V_HACKx”.

He wrote: “After reporting and sending [Rockstar] the pictures of the transactions and the name of the hacker, I decided to not to bank the money and leave it there, then by my surprise a player with a tank comes and keeps killing me destroying 2 of my cars, I want to call the cars insurance but I have to pay, and I don’t wanna spend the money that this guy gave me.

“Then I received money from the player Mal-Flamingo by the amount of $5,914,435 I got even more scared because I didn’t want to go to the cheater pool or something for something I am not guilty from … I decided to play with another character so I can play normally and spend my money that I have in my bank [and] I received money again. The player xManzlaughtr gave me $683,199,356. I was shocked and then [the] same player gave me more [-] $85,399,920.”

Another player reported the same problem, writing: “I was in a lobby where a bunch of people started giving everyone billions of dollars. I only had about $13.5 million from my jobs and stuff and constantly repeating the Base Invaders mission when it was worth doing. Now I have $4.3 billion and I keep getting kicked out of GTA online for ‘Unknown connection error.’ It’s really annoying I suspect it was those stupid modders overloading me with money.”

Microsoft and Sony, of Xbox and PlayStation respectively, have warned players that if they are found to be cheating, that gamer’s account could be closed.

We’ve reached out to Rockstar Games for comment – so far no word back.

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