Leaked documents point to Fallout 4 game

The next installment in the Fallout game series, Fallout 4, is currently in production according to leaked documents obtained by Kotaku,

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] new installment in the Fallout game franchise is currently in development, according to leaked documents obtained by Kotaku.

According to Kotaku, they have obtained leaked documents which reveal that Fallout 4 is in production and is to be set in Boston. They are reporting that the leaked documents, which were submitted to them by a Kotaku reader, have been confirmed as real.

The casting documents accordingly reveal script and character descriptions amongst other details for the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic series. Whilst the Fallout name does not appear in the script, Kotaku say that it references to Fallout’s setting and locations.

The previous Fallout game, Fallout: News Vegas, launched in October 2010 and has gone on to sell 3.47 million units. It’s predecessor, Fallout 3, has currently sold 4.17 million units and was one of the highest critically acclaimed games. It also won several Game of the Year awards as well as Best Writing.

We’ve reached out to Bethesda Game Studios for comment – so far no word back.

Source: Kotaku, VGChartz


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