5 Nintendo 3DS Games That Will Make Your Journey Quicker

Volkan Kacar tackles one of the hardest questions known to handheld gamers everywhere: “What game should I play on my Nintendo 3DS?”

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e all have our little secret tips on making the most of long early morning trips to work, lectures or even seeing a family member. There are the newspaper readers with their heads down flipping through pages of depressing world news. We have the loud Drum and Bass ravers with their headphones blazing out the tunes for everyone to hear on the train carriage. The intellectuals with their one thousand page novels of a detective murder or an erotic romance about a young business magnate named Christian Purple or whatever, I don’t know, I’m a guy, I didn’t read that book.

No matter how much we hate public transport for its smelly carriages and always making us late, there is one thing that drives me insane “what the heck can I do to make this trip faster?”  The answer is to take your handheld with you, to be more specific, the Nintendo 3DS. But hold your horses, you can’t just take any regular game with you. I can never imagine playing a game like Resident Evil or even Zelda, where a lot of thought has to go into the game. If I wanted to think I would have gotten a book. So here are the top 5 games that I personally see fit to be taken with you on the go.

5. Star Fox 64 3D

From the first barrel roll tricks of the 1992 Star Fox on the Super Nintendo to the amazing rumble pack adapter we got with Star Fox 64 in 1997 on the Nintendo 64. Did the remake of Star Fox 64 3D on the Nintendo 3DS live up to the expectations of the Star Fox series fans? At first I was very sceptical being that I spent most of my childhood playing Star Fox 64 and I knew all the tricks and trades of shooting down Wolf O’Donnell and his Star Wolf Team. It was pretty much pressing the C Up button and doing a crazy loop trick with O’Donnell saying “What The Heck?” it got him every time.

I honestly think that Star Fox 64 3D not only brings back the great childhood memories but also the experience. Watching the Star Fox universes expand through the depths of the Nintendo 3DS screen gives a brilliant and exhilarating perception of the game. You got your good old Star Fox Team by your side, flying across the galaxy in the Lylat system to different planets, blasting enemies from the spacecraft to the tank buster and best of all the multiplayer option to enhance your skills.

The countless hours of sitting in your room back in 1997 has finally paid off because now you can take the Star Fox endeavour on the move! No need to sit in your room in the dark and your mum nagging you to “go and get some fresh air”. I envy the kids today who now can take Peppy, Falco and Slippy anywhere they go. If only this bad boy came out when I was a kid but 16 years later with a beard and tattoos you can certainly catch me on the underground leading the Star Fox Team to the final boss.

4. New Super Mario Bros. 2

You can never go wrong with Mario, unless its Mario tennis or golf! It’s the  same old story, Bowser and his Koopalings snatched the Princess and you have to go through each level collecting gold that is littered everywhere! However the Mushroom Kingdom is bursting with more fun and yet challenging levels that leave you stressed, fed up and make you close the 3DS in a fit of rage. But you find yourself moments later flipping the duel screen open again and trying to beat that level. Nothing beats the feeling of raining down gold coins from overhead pipes and a sweet beautiful gold trail of coins left behind by special golden enemy. As of all Mario games, each level has it cheeky little secrets. Secret pipelines that can transport Mario to a cavern filled with coins or at times short cuts to the end. However that cheeky little short cut can backfire on you because you’ve just missed the collectibles and have to replay level once again.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is definitely an adventure you want to embark on if you’re on the underground or in a busy bus stuck in traffic. Playing through the levels and completing the stages is satisfying enough but without collecting the collectible coins leaves my OCD side going in overdrive.

3. 1991 Virtual Console “Yoshi”

Nothing is more addictive and at times mesmerizing than a good old fashioned puzzle game. Tetris is one of the most noticeable tile-matching puzzle video game both for the five tetrominoes and the soundtrack. So who would have ever thought that the 1991 NES reboot would become one of the most addictive games on the 3DS. The release of Yoshi on 2nd May 2013 as a downloadable content for the 3DS is a game that deserves more recognition. It is not only one of the most enjoyable puzzle games but one of the most addictive fast paced games.

The objective of the game is pretty simple: match the falling monsters, match the egg shells to hatch them and prevent the stacks from growing too tall. As Mario you have to swap the stacks around the falling monster to match them and get the points. It sounds simple enough but as each level gets faster and when the monsters you need doesn’t appear, that is when things go pear-shaped. It all starts of linear, you get a monster and you match them, but as the monster stack gets higher and the monsters drop faster that is when things go nonlinear. The egg shells can be your friend or your worst enemy. The shells can be used to swallow up an entire column of monsters but if you don’t match them up right or in time then I’m afraid the plan has backfired.

The downloadable game Yoshi is definitely an addictive, fast paced and challenging puzzle game that show us how 90’s games today can still be new and full of fun. Yoshi is a fantastic falling block puzzler full of fun that will definitely make the long journeys to work more enjoyable.

2. Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo

The best games are the ones with the simplest premise to them.  So whoever had the idea of having a super squirrel bouncing about, swinging around, and collecting acorns and stomping on spiders and other enemies, hats off to them! Because this game is pretty amazing. This certainly is one of the best downloadable games I got at the Nintendo eshop. You can spend hours bouncing about, getting some serious air and swinging around levels that I’m sure even Spider-Man would envy.

The story is pretty intense that makes you even more determined to collect all the acorns. You play as the working class squirrel Mr. Nibbles whose year’s supply of food has been stolen. Now you have to be the hero and gather more nuts so your family won’t starve. Pretty heavy for a cute cartoon squirrel game. You now have to bounce and swing your way through five levels per season and each year has four seasons. At the end of each year your acorn total is tallied by each level. Hopefully you have enough before the year is finished.

Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo certainly is full of bite size fun and if you’re a perfectionist, collecting the acorns is only the beginning. Each level has four objectives: collect the acorns, collect the fruit, kill all enemies and complete the level in a certain time. So perfecting all the levels is certainly going to take time and many replays. The levels have fantastic names such as “To The Bat Cave” and “OH BABY BABY”. You can even customise Mr. Nibbles with goofy hats, sweet shades and a sexy tuxedo. The most addictive aspect to Super Little Acorns is the achievements. If you’re an achievement hunter then Little Acorns has plenty of them for you.

1. Mario Kart 7


I don’t care what anyone says, GRID, Need For Speed or even Project Gotham, the best and all-time greatest racing game will always be the Mario Kart series. A Porsche GT 911 turbo with nitro is no match against Yoshi’s egg shaped go kart with the awesome speed of the golden mushroom. The glorious graphics show the Mushroom Kingdom in its magical glory. Mario Kart 7 is the first Mario Kart game series to finally explore the Kingdom through the soaring skies and descending deep into the depth of the sea.

With fantastic courses, customizable karts, fun characters including your Mii character, Mario Kart 7 has definitely left its mark as one of the most enjoyable games in the franchise. Mario Kart 7 evolved the franchise with new and excitement courses with even more intense jumps that transform the silly fun go-kart into a glider. Flying over the Mushroom Kingdom is pretty fun but how about going underneath it. Mario Kart 7 now allows you to explore the hidden Atlantis side to the Kingdom. Diving your Kart underwater transmutes the small four wheeled vehicle into a propeller powered submarine.

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