Lindsay Lohan Possibly Crafting Lawsuit Against GTA V Developers

According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan is currently crafting a lawsuit against Rockstar Games citing that they used her image without her permission

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]roubled American actress Lindsay Lohan could possibly be crafting a lawsuit against the developers of the smash hit Grand Theft Auto franchise, according to reports from TMZ.

TMZ is reporting that Lohan‘s lawyers are in the early stages of organising a lawsuit against Rockstar Games, citing that the company used her image without her permission. Citing sources, TMZ say that Lohan and her lawyers are demanding that Rockstar pay her a substantial amount of money.

Rockstar’s latest instalment in the GTA franchise, GTA V, was a worldwide success, critically and financially. Hailed around the world by critics for it’s engaging story and immersive open world, the game made over $1 billion just three days following it’s launch on September 17th. It broke seven Guinness World Records, was the biggest release on the PlayStation 3 and outsold it’s predecessor GTA IV. In October, it was awarded “Game of the Year” at the Golden Joystick Awards.

In the article, TMZ also cites several pieces of so-called “evidence” which could point to Lindsay‘s reasoning for the alleged potent lawsuit.

The evidence they list includes: A wallpaper released for download, and featured on the front cover, shows a female, pictured above, wearing a bikini and taking a selfie on the beach. An in-game mission requires the player to escort a female starlet back to her house and escape the pursuing paparazzi. Another in-game mission requires the player to assist a paparazzo in taking a picture of another female celebrity starlet in the backyard of her home, whilst having sexual intercourse with a man.

Lindsay Lohan‘s representatives have not made any official statement regarding reports of the lawsuit.

Source: TMZ
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