Star Wars Game Possibly in Production

According to a report from Kotaku, job postings on Electronic Art's website point to a possible Star Wars game in the coming future

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t seems like all the major movie picture franchises are getting a slice of the pie as Kotaku is reporting that a Star Wars video game is possibly in the works at EA.

A few weeks back it was announced that an original Lord of the Rings game is in production whilst rumours of a Game of Thrones video game have also been sweeping the industry. Now it seems like another major franchise could be tossing their hat into the mix if reports by Kotaku turn out to be true.

The report states that Electronic Arts is possibly working on an open world Star Wars game after a job posting on EA Canada’s website for an Animation Director spoke of a “major new next gen open world game”. Another job posting for a Lead Combat Designer also hinted at the possibility of a Star Wars game.

In a tweet back in September, EA’s then recruiter, Zebra Manki, wrote on Twitter: “Best job title EVER! Lead Combat Designer for Star Wars”. The post then linked to the Lead Combat Designer post currently still being advertised on their website.

We have reached out to Electronic Arts for comment – so far, no word back.

Source: Kotaku
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