GTA V Actors speak on Video Game Violence

The voice actors from GTA V have offered their thoughts on the violent content of the game

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he actors who portray Grand Theft Auto V’s three main protagonists have spoken out on the influence video game violence may have on people.

In a fascinating interview with PC Advisor (, Shawn Fonteno (voice actor for Franklin), Ned Luke (voice actor for Michael) and Steven Ogg (voice actor for Trevor) all spoke out in defense of Rockstar Game’s smash hit series and video game violence in general.

Grand Theft Auto throughout the years has been one of the most controversial games being accused of glamorizing violence and corrupting young children. Ned Luke said that people should play the game first “before they open their mouths”.

“The biggest misconception is that it glamorizes violence,” said Luke. “It really doesn’t. If you look at my character, Michael, he’s rich, but he’s a miserable man. Even in the commercials you see that. This is a guy who’s struggling with his life’s decisions.”

Luke, who said he doesn’t allow his 11 year old son to play GTA, also said that people need to stop taking these kind of games so seriously. He said: “I think that’s what these games are. People who take them too seriously and go, ‘Oh, this is life.’ No, this isn’t life. This is imagination. It’s just fun.

“You definitely don’t want GTA raising your children. But it’s not a bad release from them, when you need to get away.”

Steven Ogg agreed with Luke, saying: “The hypocrisy drives me crazy. It just sets the wrong focus. Why not talk about gun control? Why not talk about parenting? Why not talk of lack of family values? There are so many other things to talk about.”

Shawn Fonteno also said that parents should be held responsible if allowing their children to play the game.

“People already have it in their mind that GTA is for kids because it’s a game,” he said. “Then they hear about the violence and they’re instantly going to attack because it’s a game.

“Now, if it was a movie it would be a different story and these same people would be out there supporting it. GTA V is like a movie. Once they get the game in their hands, they’ll see. It says it big as day – [the ESRB rating] Mature.”

“It’s not for the kids to go get. It’s for Mature audiences only. If kids get it, then that’s on their parents.”

Sources: PC Advisor
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