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There is something chilling about a sinister evil mirror with a mind of its own and a new horror film called Oculus features such a mirror. The film is directed by Mike Flanagan who first came into the spotlight when he directed an earlier low budget horror film called Absentia. Information about the film was leaked ages ago and now a trailer for the film is online.

The movie stars Katee Sackhoff from Battlestar Galactica, Rory Cochrane and also Karen Gillan from Doctor Who in a surprising role.
Gillan plays a character called Kaylie Russell who is led to believe that an evil mirror was responsible for the death of her father ten years ago. Kaylie’s brother, Tim (Brenton Thwaites) took the rap for the crime and was put into protective custody after being convicted. Kaylie however is convinced that an antique mirror in their childhood home called the Lasser Glass was responsible for the murder somehow. Tim (who is now in his twenties) is released from custody so he and Kaylie team up to investigate the old family mirror. Their investigation uncovers some sinister events as it turns out the mirror is connected to a string of deaths and disappearances over the last century. The two siblings become exposed to whatever lurks inside the mirror and their lives are put in danger by evil forces.

Horror films about mirrors are fairly common and the idea has been used in various movies dating all the way back to Dead of Night released in 1945. The idea that an evil force lurks behind a mirror is creepy and good subject material for films. Oculus was actually originally based on a short film the director made back in 2006. This feature length version is also being co-produced by WWE studios who seem keen to branch out from their wrestling entertainment business by getting into movies.

The trailer is interesting as it takes the less is more approach by not showing too many scares. It also opens with a narration by a little girl who is recounting what sounds like a nursery rhyme about the mirror itself. This gives the trailer a dark fairytale vibe which works well. It works as a teaser trailer which will get people talking about the film but it doesn’t show enough to really make the film stand out in a crowded market. Horror fans eager for a thrill will probably still check it out with their friends on a Friday night though. The main plot is intriguing enough to pique interest and the film also has a decent cast.

Oculus is due out on April 11th in the States, there is no UK release date yet but keep a look out for it. Also, check out the trailer here.