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Trailer Review: Violet & Daisy (2011)

Saoirse Ronan and Alexis Bledel play two unlikely teenage assassins in this offbeat film.

Saoirse Ronan and Alexis Bledel play two unlikely teenage assassins in this offbeat film.

Teenage killers seem to be a common thing in movies these days. Saoirse Ronan played a teenage assassin in Hanna and Chloë Grace Moretz played a teenage gangster killing vigilante in Kick Ass. Now Saoirse Ronan returns to play a teenage assassin again alongside Alexis Bledel in this action comedy directed by Geoffrey Fletcher. Fletcher received critical acclaim when he wrote the screenplay for Precious and it is good to see him directing for a change.

Ronan and Bledel play Violet and Daisy, two teenage assassins for hire who feel no remorse about killing. Their only major concern in life is deciding what new fashion items to buy with the money they earn for assassinating their targets. Both girls also seem to be obsessed with a young female pop star called Barbie Sunday.

One day they are given a new assignment by their handler Russ (played by Danny Trejo). Their next job is to kill a lonely middle aged man called Michael (played by James Gandolfini.) Michael appears to be expecting the two hit girls when they enter his apartment.  He also doesn’t seem too bothered by the news that the two girls have been hired to kill him. This catches Violet and Daisy off-guard and they start to question why they were given the job in the first place. This element of the plot is similar to Don Siegel’s 1964 film noir The Killers which was a remake of the old 1946 film directed by Robert Siodmak. Michael is also kind to the two girls which makes them even more confused and they have trouble completing their assignment. Another team is sent out to kill Michael so Violet and Daisy have to decide whether or not to leave Michael to his fate or help him avoid assassination. The three characters form an unlikely friendship and the film becomes like a play. Each character begins to reflect on their life and how they ended up in the situation they are in. The fact that the two assassins hesitate to kill their target proves there is more to them than meets the eye.

The film is very unusual and the trailer does a good job of showing its unique charm. The trailer has nice lighting, long takes, interesting music and some rather nifty scene transitions. This film is a feast for the eyes and also appears to be a meditation on issues including friendship and materialism. The trailer is rather light on action though which may deter fans looking for big explosions and machine gun shootouts.

The supporting cast is good and it includes Marianne Jean-Baptiste as a rival hit woman which is an unusual role for her. Seeing her play a character like that is worth the ticket price to the local cinema. Danny Trejo is also a welcome addition to the film and it looks like he is having fun with his role based on the trailer.

Violet & Daisy will appeal to fans of quirky, unusual films. It has the potential to be very good movie and will be released on June 7th.

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