The Iron Man 3 hype train continues to roll on as yet another trailer for the movie was released recently. It’s common for a big movie to have two or three trailers these days. G.I Joe: Retaliation did the same thing and it’s as if the studio execs are afraid movie fans will forget the film is coming out. It is also a clever way to drip feed new information and plot details.

The new trailer has a nice mix of action, narration and drama.

It begins with a shot that seems inspired by the opening scene to Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now. A helicopter is seen hovering over the sea in the distance and the loud thump of the propeller blades can be heard in the background. The sound effect used is very similar to the one sound designer Walter Murch used for the highly influential opening to Coppola’s movie. The opening scene in the trailer also leads to a narration by the main character Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) which is also how some of the dialogue in Apocalype Now is delivered.  The film also appears to have a darker tone than its predecessors too.

Tony Stark is still having trouble sleeping and is weary from all the fighting. Being a superhero has taken its toll and he has made many enemies. All he wants to do is protect his assistant and love interest Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow.) Tony’s friend and sidekick James Rhodes aka War Machine is also seen wearing new red, white and blue Iron Man armor and a new president appears to be elected. The president talks about fighting terrorism and Stark’s new enemy The Mandarin (Sir Ben Kingsley) an international terrorist is introduced. Mandarin starts launching attacks against the American people including an attack on a plane forcing Iron Man to save all the passengers from falling to their deaths in a high octane action sequence. Everyone looks to Iron Man to save the day and time will tell if he can handle the pressure. Tony’s home is also destroyed by The Mandarin along with a whole bunch of his Iron Man suits. Stark then has to salvage what he can and rebuild his operation to fight back. This fall and rise of a superhero is similar to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

The rest of the trailer is basically a montage with Tony and Rhodes fighting back. Guy Pearce’s character Aldrich Killian is also seen performing some kind of experiment on some male test subjects. Killian is an expert on Nano technology and in the comic books he invented a fancy serum called “Extremis.” The serum was basically a formula for creating super soldiers like Captain America. If such a formula fell into the wrong hands it could be bad for the good guys. The trailer avoids giving away any details on this so it is all speculation at the moment. Towards the end of the trailer a whole bunch of Iron Man suits appear to help Tony and Rhodes in battle which is a sight to behold. It will be cool to see how such a feat is made possible when the movie is released.

The new trailer shows some new things but cleverly avoids giving away specific plot details which is good. The trailer also makes good use of its soundtrack as the score is full of suspense and it builds to a nice crescendo at the end. Iron Man 3 has the potential to be the best in the series and it will be interesting to see Tony face a worthy opponent like The Mandarin. So far it seems unlikely that the other Avengers will make a cameo appearance so Tony and Rhodes may have to fight The Mandarin without their help.

Iron Man 3 is released on May 3rd.

Have a look at the trailer and share your thoughts.